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Posted on 02-20-2016

The Dime Story

   Did you know that the weight of a dime (2.2 grams) is enough weight to stop nerve flow conduction by 40-60%. Doesn’t seem like much, but you have to understand that a little weight in the wrong places goes a long way.

   Beginning in the 1970’s, Dr. Chung Ha Suh, Ph.D., and his colleagues at the Biomechanics Department of the University of Colorado began a series of studies showing that just 10mmHG pressure (about the same as the weight of a dime resting on the top of your hand) could cause a 40-60% decrease in electrical transmission down the course of the nerve.

   Minimal pressure on nerves can have a significant physiological impact. Now we have all picked up a dime and put it in our pocket at some point or another. Not even 2 minutes later we have forgotten that that dime was even in our pocket. Not because we don’t have the correct concept of the value of the dime, but because the dime weighs hardly anything.    

   It is not the same with our nerves. Our nerves are delicate fibers that with a slight amount of pressure placed on them can lose up to 60% of their functional ability. Ask yourself, would it be acceptable for you, your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, child or relative to lose 60% of anything that was important?

   Well, in our bodies, our nervous system is the most important organ. It controls everything, from how we move and feel to how all of your organs function, including our heart.

   We know that a 60% loss is a big loss and we wouldn’t want that for ourselves, so let’s look for a compromise. What percent loss would be acceptable for you in your nervous system? 30%, 20%, 15%?

   What percent loss would be acceptable for your family to live with in their nervous system? Would it be OK for your children to grow up getting only 80% of their nerve function they should be getting? How about just 95%?

   The weight of the dime is minute by normal standards, but the effect is the same as to what happens to your nerves when your spine is out of place.

   One subluxation in your spine adds pressure to your trillions of nerves and that reduces the amount of information that your trillions of nerves can carry. What part of your body do you want this reduced nerve communication to go to?

   What should you do to ensure you don’t have a loss of nerve communication? I was trained specifically to find these types of problems. Through specific adjustments, I can also correct them. So get checked regularly and give your family the same opportunity to experience a life free of subluxations.

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